Produced locally

Fabric made in Germany

Production made in Germany

Part of WKS TextilveredlungKS-Textilveredlung

Mobi-lität aus der Graf-schaft

Back to more independance

We recognize the needs of people and develop pragmatic solutions that are not yet available on the market.

ÖkoTex - Standard 100

We comply with the OekoTex Standard 100 and manufacture our products sustainably under social and ecological aspects.

The brand MOBIGRAF

MOBIGRAF ist eine Handelsmarke der WKS-Textilveredlungs-GmbH aus Wilsum.
It stands for new developments of non-medical, textile care products "made in Europe".

How do we, as THE textile service provider, arrive at such a new business model?

Very simple: Passion drives us

Passion for more independence and joy of life for people who are limited in their mobility.

Together with our team we have developed our innovative products:

A team of experienced physiotherapists and specialists who work with people with limited mobility on a daily basis and recognize that there is considerable room for improvement in order to offer people a bit more independence again.

We produce these in our own factories and excellent partner factories in Europe - and then ship them to our main factory in Wilsum, where we check them once again and ship them to our customers.

Our established company is committed to act according to ecological and social aspects and documents this also with numerous certifications - see also on the webpage under